Monday, May 2, 2011

Right-Wing Racist Douchebags On SodaHead

If these baleful, ignorant, hateful, bigoted, fucktards, aren’t anything else they’re certainly predictable. These people are so fucking pathetic you just don’t know whether to just punch them in the face or give them a pity hug. Just imagine being so engulfed in bigotry, hatred, and partisanship that all you can do after the execution of the world’s most elusive, dangerous, and notorious terrorist, is belittle, insult, and undermine the head of the leadership that accomplished this. I’m going to post a few links and let you see for yourself. Otherwise if I told you that actual human beings were this fucking stupid you couldn’t believe it…..

I told you so. But in fairness let’s actually address some of their comments. Let’s see… Some of them think that they already had Bin Laden, and the President had him on ice just in case he needed a boost in poll ratings or to help his re-election bid.
Do you know how insanely fucking dumb this is? Really?!? How incredibly stupid do you have to be to believe that President Obama gave the order to execute this operation, Osama Bin Laden was killed and instead of confirming his death and letting the world know (whenever this supposedly had happened) the President said… “Wait! My poll numbers may look pretty good right now, but history holding true they could fluctuate. We’ll just wait for a ratings down-slide then pop this baby out”.

Please tell me how much of a fucking idiot do you have to be to really believe this? Bush was in a pretty tight squeaker of a race with Kerry, don’t you think he would’ve loved to use such a “boost” in the ratings? He was (so-called) re-elected with his approval rating in the 30’s. Or don’t you think after wrecking the economy, and sending the world into an economic tailspin to circle the drain that he would’ve loved to bust out the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden to give his legacy some much needed padding and to help John McCain and his party get a much needed boost? What’s that? What you say? Bush couldn’t find him? Oooh! That’s right, in fact they just quit looking. 

You see, while you morons were going on about birth certificates and other loony batshit crazy conspiracies, this is what the President was doing with his time. Something that produces productive and positive results. It have to really be agonizing being of these fucking loony retards like MarieKKK, The Rock, Fan O’Reilly, Steve, fArt, AmericanDumbass, Angel, Cindy, and Cat, just to name a few of these fucktards. It’s only with that much more angst that this happens right after they were bitchslapped with the President’s long form birth certificate that everyone else of sane mind never doubted anyway. But it seems the afterbirthers love making themselves look like the imbeciles they are.

But it doesn’t end there. Now you have this moronic stooge named snell who posted this blog titled “Bin Laden DEAD…. Is America Ready For Backlash? How sick are these fucks? They supposed to be so “American” and “patriotic” but they want the backlash, they want an act of terror, they want some innocent blood spilled just so they can say “see we told you”. I’m here to tell all you haters on SodaHead… YOU ARE SICK DISEASED SADISTIC FREAKS!!! You are so consumed with your racism, bigotry, hatred, inferiority, and partisanship that there is no limit to the length your sickness wouldn’t stretch to feed your infection.
FACE THE FACTS!! Because of President Obama’s fortitude and leadership Osama Bin Laden was caught and killed. He succeeded where the previous REPUBLCAN administration FAILED! All you sick, twisted, demented, despicable, racist fucks can swallow that and blow it out your cornholes!!!